Asus Pundit P4 P5G41 barebone

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After one of our Shuttle K45 barebones died from capacitor plague, we needed a replacement. We decided on the Asus P4 P5G41 barebone (User's Guide), since the K45 also uses the 775 socket, so we could reuse the CPU, RAM and hard disk. I couldn't find any pictures of the insides, so here's some I took while assembling the system.

As I found out only today, Asus decided to build the system with only the most restricted ICH7 south bridge version, so there's no AHCI support.

P4 P5G41 with the lid off
P4 P5G41 after removing the PCIe riser assembly
P4 P5G41 after removing the PCIe riser assembly and the drive cage
Riser assembly with two PCIe x1 slots
Hard disk and optical drive cage; the three screws attaching it to the case are partially removed
SATA ports 1, 2 and 3 (connector not populated)