Ethernet Stepper Relay Controller

From ZS64


We've selected the Atmel ATmega line, and specifically the AT90USB controller. We've got an Atmel demo board.

This usbfoo board (or bumble-b) seems much more suitable due to it's nicer 100 mil pads (the Atmel board uses 50 mil pads).

Possible I/O

H-Bridge Driver

  • BAT48 or BYV27-200 recovery diode


  • GCC in the avr-gcc cross compiler variant.
  • dfu-programmer, to load the software on to the hardware via it's USB interface
  • avrdude, to program the software in to the hardware
  • simavr, a simulator with GDB support
  • AVR libc, basic C library
  • LUFA, USB library for AVRs